Bed bug infestation has become a serious problem among public as well as private homes and facilities. New York and other urban regions are common locations for bed bug infestations. The chances of picking up these nasty critters in metropolitan areas are greater because of the increased travel and concentrated foot traffic. There is constant movement and activity which hastens their spread. These parasitic insects expand their domain via laundry, furniture, clothing, luggage, pets, etc. The presence of bed bugs can cause health concerns as well as financial issues.

How Do Dogs Do It?

A dog can detect bed bugs with his nose. Did you know certain species of dogs have more than 300 million receptors in their noses? Comparatively, humans have about 30 million. This increased sense of smell helps dogs detect odors humans cannot.

Bed bug dogs are familiarized with the scent of bed bugs so that when they enter the building or home, they can inspect the room and point to any areas that have the bed bug scent. Dogs are able to point out the place where the bed bugs are most likely burrowing, even if it is their eggs alone. It is then up to the owner of the property to investigate further.

Who Can Benefit From Canine Bed Bug Detection?

We have specially trained dogs available to find insect eggs as well as adult bed bugs. Maximum K9 Detection Service has dog and handler teams available for contract to search schools, hospitals, hotels, motels, offices as well as private residences. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide scheduled contracts as well as one-time visits.

Bed bug detection with dogs is especially beneficial for large scale operations where a human may begin to falter during the 10th room under visual inspection.

Bed bug detection is exceptionally helpful for businesses who rely on people visiting or staying at their facility to earn an income. When word spreads that there are bed bugs in a hotel room, chances are potential visitors will head to a competitor even after bed bugs have been exterminated.

Canines are able to sense minute tracks of bed bugs, sometimes as few as one or two bed bugs in any area to a place that has only eggs. This early detection can benefit business owners who need to maintain a strong, healthy, and safe reputation to keep their business profitable.

What Is The Cost?

The use of dogs to detect bed bugs is less expensive and more efficient than many traditional methods. Services provided by Maximum K9 Detection will provide you with peace of mind without the unknown hidden expenses. We are not affiliated with any extermination company, and we will deliver an honest and accurate report regarding any findings.

Due to the nature of the business, we cannot provide standard prices for bed bug detection services. Our team will happily give you a quote for the services based on the size of your facility and how many dogs you may need to efficiently get the job done.

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