1. Is It Time to Retire Your Working Dog?

    Through the years, your working dog has been a reliable companion. She’s helped you in so many ways physically, emotionally, and psychologically. We sometimes forget, though, that working dogs carry a heavy burden. They serve as a person’s companion, staying next to them for the majority of the day. That said, there comes a time in a working dog’s life where she just can’t handle the load …Read More

  2. How Our Sniffer Dogs Detect Bed Bugs

    Bed bug infestation has become a serious problem. What makes them so difficult to get rid of is their unique ability to travel through walls. Therefore, bed bugs serve a greater threat to residential facilities that contain multiple units, such as apartments and condos. The New York metropolitan area is a preferred home for bed bugs because of the constant travel and concentrated foot traffic. The…Read More

  3. When Were Sniffer Dogs First Used?

    Nearly a quarter of the people locked up in the U.S. were booked for drug arrests. By no means, though, is the country’s drug epidemic a thing of the past. It’s why law enforcement continues to rely on sniffer dogs. In this blog post, we will explain when drug sniffing dogs were first used and how the animals are used today. A select number of dog breeds have the ability to identify many subst…Read More

  4. How Security Dogs are Trained for Duty

    K9 dogs are counted on to protect their owners, sniff out explosives/narcotics, and patrol sensitive areas. But how exactly are puppies trained to become security dogs that their handlers can trust? In this post, we will discuss that and more. Security Dog Training Let’s begin by looking at appropriate breeds. It’s important to note that German Shepherds and Malinois are wired for protection a…Read More

  5. What Do Sniffer Dogs Detect?

    It’s no secret that dogs have a better nose than humans. Did you know that dogs have more than 300 million receptors in their nose? Compare that to the 30 million that humans have and it’s simple to understand how dogs can easily detect different substances that seem to have no odor to the naked human nose. Sniffer dogs take their smelling receptors to a whole new level by sticking their noses…Read More

  6. Welcome To Our Blog

    Welcome to the Maximum K9 Security blog! We are a private company with working dogs and specially trained handlers who serve Deer Park, NY, and the greater Tri-State area for detection and security services. Thanks for tuning in to our blog. There are few things we love more than our dogs, and there’s something to be said about how proud we feel when our team trains diligently every day to help …Read More