Maximum K9 Detection Service is a well diversified, vertically integrated K9 detection company. Our company is operated by talented individuals with backgrounds in the fields of security, military, law enforcement, dog handling, dog training services, and information technology. We believe that this mix complements one another and provides our clients with the most elite service possible.

K9 Handlers

Maximum K9 handlers are highly qualified experts that possess the skills and demeanor to adapt to any work environment. All of our handlers have backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and/ or security. Each handler undergoes a rigorous background check and is required to maintain a New York State Security, or Peace Officer license, as well as a TWIC Card (Transportation Workers ID Credential). All handlers go through a 480-hour training course and are certified annually through nationally recognized third party organization.

Working Dogs:

Maximum K9 Detection Service uses dogs directly from prized European blood lines. Each dog goes through a selection process to evaluate the unique traits desired for work. We look for environmentally strong dogs, with high levels of hunt, prey, and play drive. This is the starting point to a lifelong, strenuous training process.


Our in-house training program is key to our success. We believe that living with an animal, raising them through the various life stages, and actually handling them on a job gives Maximum K9 Detection Service the insight to make any necessary adjustments in real time. By actually living and breathing this process, we are continuously shaping behaviors to adapt to the environment and the specific task at hand. Dog training is a lifelong process, and to achieve maximum potential there must be a vested relationship between dog, handler, and trainer. This relationship must be consistently maintained.
Once the proper dog is selected, we then begin the process of setting the foundation for the desired task. We then continue to build upon this foundation as the dog advances within their job. The plan includes benchmarks and goals that are expected to be met at various stages of the dog’s training and life-cycle. Our training program will consist of, but will not be limited to, intense levels of socialization, environmental awareness, obedience, channeling drives, and an imprinting and proofing regimen geared to the specific work at hand. We do not cross train our dogs. Detection dogs are trained on either narcotics, explosives, or bed bugs. Our dogs will alert any findings with a passive indication method.
All Dog and Handler teams are mandated to attend weekly training sessions via Maximum K9 Detection Service. We train on odors minimally five times a week in various locations under a multitude of distractions. Our team will periodically attend seminars and conferences and will train in conjunction with other handlers and organizations. We believe that this peer to peer integration will educate and broaden the spectrum of the K9 detection industry. Regular training is a vital necessity for the high performance of all K9 teams. All of our dog teams will certify within our organization Quarterly. Annually our dog and handler teams will certify via American Working Dogs organization and/or TripWire Operations Group. These business relationships give us the opportunity to imprint our K9 teams on several types of large hides, including conventional and improvised explosives ranging from 25-5,000 lbs. This entire process greatly improves and validates the performance of our company.

Training facility:

Our indoor corporate facility is a combined indoor space of 10,000 square ft. This is made up of a pro retail store offering top of the line training equipment, boarding kennels, and two training rooms. In addition, we also have use of 13 lush acres between Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island, NY. The property is a mix of wooded and grass fields with a working obstacle course and a full-size Schutzhund field. Our facility is a full-service operation offering obedience, protection, and detection training. In addition to our main facility, we hold regular training sessions at other active industrial locations. These include training in environments as diverse as a 13,000 sq.ft. beauty product distributor, a 10,000 sq.ft. sign manufacturer, a 6,000 sq.ft. mechanic shop, and a large school bus depot.